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Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Tips: Planning Your Apartment Renovation

What you need to consider when renovating your BRISBANE apartment bathroom

An apartment bathroom renovation is often a little trickier to manage than one for a freestanding home. While they can throw up a few more challenges to navigate, an apartment bathroom renovation is still a great way to bring a tired looking apartment bathroom into the modern age.

Here are three things to consider when planning your Brisbane apartment bathroom upgrade.

1. Strata approval

Getting strata approval is often the first obstacle apartment owners face when planning an apartment bathroom renovation. In a nutshell, your neighbours may have some control over whether your remodel gets the go-ahead.

In most strata title situations, you will need 75% of the vote from the governing committee. The best advice is to be friendly with your neighbours, as it will pave the way for a vote in your favour. You should also get a copy of the strata by-laws, so you know everything you need to about the approval process.

Being able to provide the committee with a complete picture of what you want to do will also help curry some goodwill. When you let your committee know how your renovation will affect the other tenants, then you are more likely to get the go-ahead if they see you have accounted for everything.

2. Be considerate of the neighbours

Not only can renovations get noisy, but a steady stream of tradies moving to and from your apartment can be a disturbance to the peace some of your neighbours may find disconcerting.

Experienced bathroom renovators like Relianzi are aware of how disruptive apartment bathroom renovations can be and are experts at keeping noise to a minimum and the tradies out of everyone’s way.

3. Plumbing may impose limitations

Relocating your plumbing can be tricky at the best of times, but it always needs special consideration when designing your bathroom apartment, especially if you are a few floors up.

Be aware that if your design requires the relocation of your plumbing, then it could significantly raise the cost of your renovation. Your bathroom renovator will be able to help you with the right advice when planning out where your plumbing needs to go to help you keep your costs under control.


As leading Brisbane bathroom renovation experts, Sean and the team at Relianzi can help you with complete bathroom design and planning services, sourcing your fixtures and fittings as well as renovating your bathroom. We even offer a FREE and helpful in-home consultation.

Do you have some bathroom renovation ideas you want to discuss? Why not contact Sean today?



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