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Water Leaks in Shower and Solutions

Is your Brisbane shower leaking?

A leaking shower is a disaster waiting to happen. Ignore the problem for too long, and moisture damage in your home’s infrastructure could be a costly repair.

Use these tips from Relianzi, your Brisbane bathroom renovation expert, to identify shower leaks and how to fix them.

Common causes of shower leaks

The most common causes of leaky showers are opening and closing doors and contraction and expansion of walls. Continuous shifting will also compromise the waterproof membrane under the tiles and weaken the grout. The floor and wall joints of the shower recess are the most vulnerable areas susceptible to developing leaks.

Most showers built onto a stud wall will eventually develop a leak due to movement, creating a gap between the shower recess floor and the tiled wall. Shifting walls can also potentially damage the plumbing behind the wall and create a leak that could go unnoticed for some time.

Warning signs your shower is leaking

A leaking shower will provide tell-tale signs that you have a problem. Keep a lookout for:

  • Bubbling paint on walls
  • Visible gaps in wall and floor joints
  • Black mould on silicone sealant
  • Missing floor or wall grout
  • Discoloured tiles or grout in and around the shower
  • Swollen timber doorframes
  • Bathroom door jamming
  • Buckling in the floor
  • Water marks on ceiling below the bathroom
  • Silicone around the shower screen has deteriorated

A leaky shower is the most likely cause if you notice any of the above. It is important to resolve the issue as soon as possible because moisture is damaging your property and will only get worse over time. Building moisture can also attract termites, rot wood, and cause foul odours.

The most common causes of leaky showers are opening and closing doors and contraction and expansion of walls.

Are you planning a Brisbane bathroom renovation?

As leading Brisbane bathroom renovation and remediation experts, Sean and the team at Relianzi can help you with complete bathroom design, renovation, and planning services. We even offer a FREE and helpful in-home consultation.

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