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Find the Best Bathroom Contractors in Brisbane – 5 Important Checks

What you need to know before hiring bathroom contractors in Brisbane

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but a Brisbane bathroom renovation generally involves a lot more than tiling and changing taps.

The average bathroom renovation involves the engagement of several trade contractors including plumbers, electricians, tilers, carpenters, builders and waterproofers.

All of the professionals involved in creating your new bathroom will need the appropriate experience and qualifications.

Ultimately, the responsibility for ensuring a bathroom renovation is up to code falls to the homeowner, so here’s how to protect yourself when searching for Brisbane bathroom renovation contractors and service providers.

1. Engage a specialist Brisbane bathroom renovator

There are plenty of great builders around Brisbane, but a bathroom renovation requires a unique set of skills to effectively manage all the trades involved especially if you have a tricky project. When you team up with an experienced bathroom renovator specialist who does bathroom design as well, you will always get the best results.

2. Check the Brisbane bathroom contractors have the necessary qualifications

Much of the work that goes into a bathroom renovation requires licensed professionals. If anybody who works on your bathroom is not a licensed tradesperson, you won’t have any legal recourse if things go wrong.

The bathroom is a wet area that doesn’t mix well with electricity. Nor does moisture play nice with timber if your waterproofing is not up to code. Always ask your Brisbane bathroom contractors to provide you with their current licence details.

3. Don’t forget about insurances

It’s unlikely that things will go wrong when you work with a professional Brisbane bathroom renovation service. However, we can’t control everything, and accidents happen. In the event of injury to a worker or damage to the property, you want to have the peace of mind that only insurance can provide.

4. Ask who is working on the bathroom renovation?

With many bathroom renovators, the people you meet during the consultation are often not the same people who will do the work. Many renovators will pick and choose contractors based on availability rather than on the standard of work they can deliver. You may end up with a fantastic contractor, but there is just as a good chance that you won’t.

It’s always worth checking if the head contractor will be using an established team of regular trades that have a strong track record.

Asking for feedback from past clients is important to determine the quality of work of your bathroom renovator

5. References are important

A quality Brisbane bathroom renovation service will have a string of satisfied clients, and they will always be happy to show off their previous work. Make sure part of your decision process involves checking references for past jobs. If they can’t provide any references, then this should be a huge red flag for you.

Are you ready to discuss YOUR Brisbane bathroom renovation?

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