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How Much Does a Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Factors that affect the cost of a Brisbane bathroom renovation

Whenever I am asked how much a Brisbane bathroom renovation costs, my answer is almost always the same; it depends.

There are many variables to think about when costing a Brisbane bathroom renovation, so let’s have a look at what you will need to consider when working out your budget.

What you are trying to accomplish

Do you want to spruce up your bathroom with modern fixtures and a new basin and cabinet, or are you after a complete teardown and refit? The former can cost anywhere from $2 000 to $5 000, while the latter will require an investment of between $10 000 to $20 000 or more.

If you are trying to add more to the sale price of your property, your plan will involve creating a bathroom that looks more modern while keeping costs to a bare minimum. Give us a call because we have a lot of experience in this area.

The size of your bathroom

The size of your bathroom will affect the price of your Brisbane Bathroom renovation, especially where tiling is concerned. Many Brisbane bathroom renovations will require some structural changes such as skylights, windows, new plumbing, or adding underfloor heating.

The cost of demolishing the old bathroom

Demolishing the old bathroom will add anything from $2,000 to close $4,000 ($45 – $55 per square meter). Most of the cost is involved in tile removal and disposal. A 3-meter skip to cart everything away is around $400 to hire. If you have asbestos, it will add approximately $40 per square meter to remove it safely.

Waterproofing costs

Bathroom waterproofing is required by law and must be completed by a qualified tradesperson. Expect your waterproofing to cost close to $900, but it will vary depending on the area getting waterproof treatment.

The true cost of renovating your bathroom varies due a lot of factors. That is why it is important to hire a bathroom renovation specialist

Replacing your tiles

Replacing your tiles using a professional tiler will cost around $75 to $120 per square meter, plus the cost of the tiles themselves, which will range from $30 to $60. Relianzi has good relationships with Brisbane tile suppliers, so we can help you shave a few dollars off your tiling budget.

Materials and fittings

The range of choice you have for your Brisbane bathroom designs regarding materials and fittings is extensive. Top-end fittings attract a higher price, so there is the potential to cut costs by purchasing cheaper fittings. The great thing about fittings is you can mix and match high-end fixtures with good quality mid-priced alternatives and still end up with a beautiful bathroom.

Are you ready for a Brisbane bathroom renovation?

Sean and the team at Relianzi are your local Brisbane bathroom renovation experts.

If you would like to know how much your ideas for a new Brisbane bathroom renovation will cost, give Relianzi a call and we’ll be happy to offer a free in-home consultation and quote.



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